How to Book

We have lots of easy ways to book, just read below to find out which method reflects your requirements.

Phone 0116 26 28 222

Call us on 0116 26 28 222 now.

We are open 24 hrs a day, 365 days a week and we never close. Our telephonists are always here to take your call and enter your journey details into our computerised system.

If you require a free callback to let you know the taxi is outside then please let us know. Click here for details on free callback.

Free Smart Phone Apps now available

Book and track your own taxi in seconds. No more waiting in phone queues and so much easier to book your taxi. Click here for more details.

Fax us on 0116 2625754

For those long or complicated bookings. Type or write your full journey details and fax it to our 24 hr call centre. If you require confirmation of your faxed booking then please write clearly on your fax the following message: "PLEASE FAX BACK CONFIRMATION ONCE BOOKING COMPLETED".

Book online with Cabfind

Cash and account bookings can now be booked online with this free and easy to use service. Using the cabfind link below. Simply enter your journey details and confirmation of your booking will be returned via your e-mail address

Click here to use this service.

Added benefits for account customers only:

Account holders can enjoy these added benefits, which are free and allow you to make great savings with our unique online booking system. You are able to book, cancel, amend, or simply check your bookings on line. This great facility allows you to add staff onto a journey already booked and is great for taxi sharing and cost savings. Full reports allow you to check every booking made past or present, which is ideal for planning and meeting budgets. An address book allows you to store all addresses so that once an address is entered into the system this never has to be entered again. You can book a taxi in less then 10 seconds.

If you require the use of this facility then we will visit your site free of charge to train your staff on this very easy to use system. It is completely secure and password protected.

Automated Booking System - No more waiting in a queue!

No more waiting in a phone queue to book your taxi. If you need a taxi from your home address then simply book on our automated system. IVR is free and easy to use. Simply ring our office and ask the telephonist to add IVR to your home telephone number. Then when you next ring, the system will recognise your telephone number and match this to your address that is saved in our database. You can then press the option 1 to book a taxi immediately from the address that you are at.

If you require a specialist vehicle, then simply speak to a telephonist who will take your booking requirements.

Please note IVR can now be used for bookings in the future. Call now and ask for advanced IVR to be added to your telephone number.

Book Up To 7 Days In Advance

Our Automated booking system now allows you to book up to 7 days in advance. IVR advanced allows you to pre-book that taxi in advance to work every morning or for that special night out, without having to wait in a phone queue when we are busy. This facility is also available from your mobile with even more features available such as pre-set routes. Call us now to find out how you can be added to our priority booking service with advanced IVR and have all your favourite pick up points added to your telephone number. Its Free, quick and easy so what are you waiting for.

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